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Dreamlevels is proud of its team consisting of a united group of qualified professionals with specialized areas of expertise.

Some of our team members have more than 10 years of experience while others are young and energetic individuals possessing graduate degrees from Ukrainian universities. Such training and knowledge allows us to maintain a strategic balance of experience while staying on the cutting edge of advanced technologies.

A team of experts for each project includes a project manager, analyst, designer, GUI experts and coders, and testers. Such division of expertise to fulfill each part of a project allows us to develop high quality products in less time, making us more affordable to our clients.

A flexible operating schedule allows us to finish projects under time without compromising quality. Our support team works in real time leading to faster service for local and international clients. We excel in quality, service and price and stand behind this guarantee.

We are experienced in a full range of services and project types including the design of individual and small business web sites to large portals and corporate projects. We have served clients around the globe including America, Europe, England, Australia and New Zealand...

Programing PHP, ColdFusion, Flash Action Script, HTML/xHTML, DHTML, CSS/XSL, JavaScript, Delphi, C# .NET
Design Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, 3D Studio Max
Databases MySQL, MSSQL, InterBase, Oracle
Technologies XML, RSS, Fusebox 3, Fusebox 4, Smarty
Tools Dreamweaver, Macromedia Flash, Visual Studio .NET,
MS SQL Server, MS Project


PHP 4 Master - Brainbench Certified

HTML 4.0 - Brainbench Certified

JavaScript 1.5 - Brainbench Certified

ColdFusion 5 Master - Brainbench Certified

Dreamweaver MX - Brainbench Certified

HTML 3.2 - Brainbench Certified

Microsoft Certified Professional


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