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Known issues with FireFox and "more" link

We provide "more" link feature as experimental, because there is one issue with FireFox browser when using this feature.

Issue description: visitors, who use FireFox browser, can see incorrect scrolling when "more" link is clicked - the content can "jump" to the start of scrolling cycle so that there is no way to read the text below. It can happen only when all the conditions below are true:

- news channel is set to "scrolling" mode
- there are "more" text blocks in your news items
- visitor uses FireFox and click one of "more" link

In all other cases it works fine

How to fix: in some cases (but not in all cases) this can be fixed by using <IFRAME> tag to insert news block. Use the link to the news block as SRC attribute of IFRAME tag (link can be retrieved from generated code in admin zone). For example:

<iframe src="http://yourdomain.com//dreamnews-folder/dreamnews.php?id=1" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" height="360" width="100%" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

Where height - should be the height of news block (in this example it is set to 360 pixels), src - the link to your news channel (channel id is set to 1 in this example)

The scrolling news example below (titled "DREAMLEVES NEWS") is fixed using the code above. Check if it works for you in FireFox (try to click "more" links) - this must work correctly. Try to test it now right on your site by inserting the news block right into your page (on your site) with the test code below:

<iframe src="http://dreamlevels.com/demo/dreamnews/dreamnews.php?id=7" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" height="600" width="100%" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

If this doesn't help and many of your visitors use FireFox, we can advice to avoid using this feature with scrolling mode (just leave the "More News Text" section empty when adding/editing the news item). However, this still can be used if you set your channel to "no scrolling" mode.

Why don't we fix this?: The issue itself is not a bug of our product, but FireFox/Mozilla browsers incorrect work with dynamic expandable layers scrolling inside the MARQUEE tag. This might be fixed in new versions of FireFox. However, we are working on this problem too.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter!


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