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DreamNews is a very simple to use news builder. You can easily add your own news block on your website to make it very interactive and dynamic. You can customize the news design - colors, fonts, font sizes, background colors. And you can even upload images to your news posts, make it as scrolling news and etc.

DEMO: Admin control panel is available.

You can look at test page with news compact block and full version

Warning: the news demo content can be changed by visitors, so Dreamlevels.com can't be responsible for the content itself.

Features List:

  • Customizable Design — extremely customizable design. You can change the colors, fonts and font sizes and look how it looks like in preview section. Limit the number of displayed news, choose the date format and etc.

  • Multiple News Channels — you can create unlimited number of news channels to make your site really interactive.

  • WYSIWYG Editor — requires Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher (or Maxtron/MyIE) - compose the news formatted content without knowledge of HTML but using all the benefits of it: insert the images, urls, tables and even copy and paste the formatted text from the desktop editors like Microsoft Word.

  • Scrolling News — Choose the option to make your news block scrolling continuously or periodically with pauses. You can control the scrolling speed, pause period and height of scrollable area.

  • Compact and Full versions — allow you to place the news block as a column and to have separate page with all the news.

  • News Images — you can upload an image for each news post as a representing image. The size of images in news block is controlled for each channel from admin control panel. Also, you can put unlimited number of images into the news content using WYSIWYG editor (without uploading images, but using urls instead)

  • XML RSS — is supported. You can choose the option to display the XML button to your RSS version of news (created automatically)

  • Two types of code — are available to insert into your pages. You can use php code to make your news search engines optimized or use javascript code if you want to put the polls into html/htm files. Just copy and paste this code to any place on your page and your news will makes your site more interactive.

  • "More" linkExperimental feature, allows you to hide part of text (to keep your news item short). Visitors can click "more" link to read this hidden part of text if they are interested. Known issues (FireFox) and how to fix

    Please use this feature at your own risk!

  • Admin Control Panel — very user-friendly and nice admin zone allows you to control everything easily with powerful search feature and organized data listings.


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Single Domain License $2925
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Note: Once the purchasing is completed, you will receive an email from us with zipped script package in next 24 hours or sooner.

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Language Database Operation System
PHP 4.1 or higher MySQL Unix/Linux/Windows

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