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Dream Site SEO CMS - manage your HTML website based on templates and make it search engine optimized

DreamSite SEO CMS (version 2.0) allows you to easily manage your HTML/Dynamic website based on templates and make it search engine optimized.

Best solution for web design companies who creates html websites and wants to give handy and simple site content management tool for their customers. Just contact us for great deals!

Best solution for html site owners with great amount of pages/staff (you can make a design by yourself, buy the template or order your very own and original design right here) This way, you can have the complete website with original unique design and content management tool for only ~ $169 !

Once created, the template will allow to add more pages and edit existent ones via web interface. This way you can manage your pages and change content easily using WYSIWYG editor (works in FireFox and Internet Explorer).

To add new page, you just add the inner content even without the knowledge of HTML and this software publishes the final HTML page using current templates.

You can change templates and republish all your pages at once using "Republish All Pages" feature, so you do not need to change every page of your HTML pages to change the design.

Please try Admin Control Panel (free demo, but some functions are disabled for security) and Example of Site powered by DreamSite .

WHAT'S NEW in Version 2.0

  • Enhanced WYSIWYG editor: It now has more features and works in FireFox as well as in Internet Explorer.

  • In-built search functionality: search by keyword box and results page are included.

  • Unlimited number of general templates: you can have multiple templates which are used to build the pages.

  • Unlimited number of sub templates: you can have any number of sub templates which are included into general templates. For example, you can create several blocks and reuse them in different templates

  • Enhanced variables usage: there are 3 types of placeholders to use in templates - global, page variables and template placeholders.

  • Scripting Code: you can insert JavaScript, PHP, ASP or ASP.NET code right into your pages to add your own dynamic functionality (disabled in demo for security reason).

  • Stability fixes: now you can open any number of new windows to edit different pages simultaneously.


  • Customizable general site design using simple templates

  • You can enter titles, keywords and description for your pages to make it search engine optimized.

  • Add new pages, modify existent and delete your pages if needed.

  • Easy to use online WYSIWYG editor. (works in FireFox and Internet Explorer) - you can change the design and content of your pages without knowledge of html, just like in Microsoft Word editor.

  • Copy and paste technology – you can just copy text and tables from your Microsoft Word document and paste it to page editor.

  • Easy to upload and place images, flash movies, add links and tables to the pages.

  • Preview page button – have a look at your page before saving it.

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Single Domain License $59.00

Note: Once the purchasing is completed, you will receive an email from us with further instructions (we will install the script to your server for free)

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Sold by 2CheckOut.com Inc. (Ohio, USA).


Language Database Operation System Browser
PHP 4.1 or higher MySQL Unix/Linux/Windows FireFox/IE


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