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Accepted Payments

Payment Terms (for fixed quote)

Full prepaid (100%) is required to schedule the project or one of its stages. Having this, work is not started/scheduled until it is not paid.

For small amounts
(under $300), we require full prepaid for the service to schedule the project.

For project with budget more than $300, we can have this paid in 2 or more stages with 100% prepaid for each stage separately. I.e., the 1st stage should be prepaid to schedule this stage, once this stage is complete, the payment for 2nd stage is required to continue.

Stages are to be defined/dicsucced for every project individually.

Payment Terms (for hourly rate)

In this mode, you pay for actually spent hours for your project, so the actual total may differ from the roughly estimated one. This is recommended for projects with requirements which are to be changed during development.

Prepaid is required to schedule the project or one of its stages (the amount of first payment is discussed for each project individually, usually its 50% of total roughly estimated hours required to complete the project). The idea is to have some hours always prepaid, excluding a few hours before the project development is fully complete.

When prepaid hours are worked out, we require another payment for next bulk of hours prepaid. The rest of payment (final payment to cover unpaid hours) is made after project or one of its stage is complete.

Schedule modes

Project or its stage is scheduled accordingly to the chosen/paid urgency mode. Urgent mode meas highest prioriry and we do these projects first with overtimes. ASAP mode means it has high priority and these projects are put in ASAP Queue. Normal schedule mode doesn't guarantee the delivery date and we process such projects in normal priority (Normal Queue) when we have the resources free of Urgent/ASAP projects.

  • Normal Scheduled
    Standard/base quote; usually the project is scheduled to start in 3 business days after payment. May fluctuate;

  • ASAP Schedule
    High priority, price is 1.5 times higher (150% of base quote); usually the project is scheduled in 1-2 business days after payment and proceed in high priority.

  • Urgent Schedule
    Highest prioriry, price is double (200% of base quote); start right after payment and proceed in highest priority;

You can pay for our services here (we accept Paypal and Credit Cards)

Scope of work

The scope of work (for fixed quote projects) is discussed and quote is provided before project is scheduled. Additional work (out of the initially discussed scope of work/requirements) is to be paid/quoted in addition.

For the hourly rate based projects, additional work will result in additional spent hours which will be calculated and billed during development.


We guarantee free bugs fixing during 3 months after project completion if the code was not modified by you or 3rd-party. We reserve the rights to charge in addition for bugs/issues fixing after this period or if code was modified by someone else. If bugs are not our fault (has nothing to do with our code/work), we can still fix/investigate them, but this is paid service (maintenance).

Return Policy

Customer can request a Full Refund for pre-purchased custom design or development only BEFORE work is started. Full Refunds are not available for custom development and design if the project is completed or it is already in development progress.

Customer can abort the project development at any time. In this case, PARTIAL Refund is possible and the amount is calculated as difference between the total prepaid amount and cost of actually spent hours on this project as $16/hour (for Normal Schedule), $24/hour (for ASAP Schedule) and $32/hour (for Urgent Schedule).

If project is already complete (scope of work is done), no refunds are possible. If you have found bugs or issues, please send email to us and we will fix them for free (if the issues are our fault and you or 3rd-party didn't modify the code. See "guarantee" section for more details)

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