Our Favourite PHP Frameworks of 2021

What is a PHP Framework?

People come across thousands of websites in the modern digital world, and new websites are launched every day. PHP means Personal Home Page and is frequently used as a programming language to create websites. It is open-source, and the websites are built with more than 80% of PHP.

PHP framework is spread worldwide. PHP framework is a platform providing users with the basic structure to build applications. With time people can access new frameworks which make PHP even better. PHP is the best commercially programming language, and it has become the most efficient tool to handle diverse tasks.

PHP frameworks have extensive lists, and it is impossible to narrow down a few. But in this article, let’s look at some of the favorite PHP frameworks used today. They can decide what works best for them and find the best PHP framework from the many options.

Below are the top 4 favorite PHP framework of 2021:


Laravel is one of the most popular frameworks released in 2011 by Taylor Otwell. The goal of Laravel is to create rich web application features. It has a well-built template engine that can handle complex web applications. The framework has features like user management, coaching, routing, and authentication. Level stand out from other PHP frameworks because of its enormous variety of features, application, and package.

Pros of Laravel:.

  • Laravel is a great starting PHP framework for beginners for its excellent documentation and large community.
  • Laravel offers advanced high-security PHP framework features that can eliminate any malware activity. With Laravel, people can access the risk-free framework from secure any unintended SQL injections.
  • Laravel has built-in mailing services, and the application can also send a notification to users via their local services across various channels.
  • Laravel framework offers ready-made features like packaging, application, plug-ins, and other components for their web application.
  • With Laravel framework, it helps developers to implement better functionality and authentication.


Symfony is a mature PHP framework that was launched in 2005. Symfony was the first choice for many web developers. It offers a set of reusable code components and built-in functionality for testing. It is right to say that Symfony belongs to the best PHP framework as it offers a huge variety of features, a large community, and robustness. It is also the best choice for large enterprise projects for its authentication, object configuration, and many more.

Pros of Symfony:

  • Symfony is one of the fastest PHP frameworks with a fast loading speed.
  • Symfony can adapt to any project requirements for its flexibility. It can also operate independently.
  • For both novice and experienced developers, Symfony is the best framework as they can access detailed documentation.
  • Developers trust Symfony as it provides long-term support.
  • With Symfony, the maintenance of the project is easier because of its well-designed codebase.


Yii PHP framework has a non-repetitive code principle that avoids the repetition of similar software patterns. Yii is an open-source PHP framework for application building. It is famous among many developers because of its advanced security, and it is a lot faster than any other framework. It can build anything from websites to blogs to applications. It has been helping developers to access desired code interactively and at a speedy configuration set up.

Pros of Yii

  • The advanced security measures of Yii are to prevent people’s websites or applications from any attacks.
  • Yii offers automated basic operation CRUD (create, read, update and delete) allows the creator to develop or build an application faster, in turn reducing their project costs.
  • With Yii, developers can effectively improve and save time while installing the template. Therefore people need not worry about wasting their time installing and configuration of their framework.
  • Yii offers great performance and fast loading time.


CodeIgniter PHP framework is lightweight and knows for its small footprint and hassle-free installation. When people build their application with CodeIgniter, they only have to deal with minimalistic configuration prerequisites. It is one framework that is the most simple yet the most powerful one. CodeIgniter helps developers with new projects as it is unrestrictive and can be used as a toolkit for speedy development.

Pros of CodeIgniter

  • CodeIgniter offers coaching, routing, support multiple databases.
  • The features of CodeIgniter are prevalent for modern web applications and can be used flexibly.
  • Unlike other PHP frameworks, CodeIgniter does not enforce the MVC pattern. Developers can choose any design or pattern they desire.
  • CodeIgniter shares smooth working with dedicated hosting platforms.
  • CodeIgniter provides simple security, easy error handling, lightweight application on simple servers, encryption steps, and many more.

If people want to access some of the best PHP frameworks to save time, it is a good choice. With the availability of diverse choices, it isn’t easy to choose one for the projects. If people have any plan on PHP framework, they can look at some of the options mentions above. Hoping it helps in figuring out the perfect PHP framework for them.… Keep Reading

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