Programming Languages For Mobile App Development

Mobile phones have become the most used gadget for any form of communication. With the rise in mobile phone usage, the need to develop apps and websites for the mobile phone too has increased. It has prompted web developers to use various programming languages to build Apps for multiple markets.

There are many programming languages to develop an App for Mobile phones. We shall look at the five best programming languages based on popularity and the most used language.


Most of the mobile users must have come across this popular programming language called Java. Development of any application accessible on the play store for an android device cannot be achieved without Java programming language and is one of the official languages for Android operating software.

Java language came to the limelight because Google supports Java language and its frameworks. It is not among the easy learning language and is not beginner-friendly; one will require a good proficiency with the language and the entire development process to develop an advanced or complicated mobile application. The programmer needs to be well-versed with the concept of class, objects, constructors, null pointer, concurrency, etc. 

Most beginners and experienced application developers take the help of various online platforms in case of any problem amid the coding. Programming is a hobby for most developers, and they come up with the most creative application, which gives them immense joy.


Kotlin was introduced as the official language for Android operating software by JetBrains in 2017 and was initially a cross-platform programming language in 2016. Kotlin is another popular language among android application developers.

Kotlin is less complicated and beginner-friendly for app development as compared to the Java programming language. This language serves as a versatile coding language designed with such an interface that is suitable with Java programming language.  

Kotlin is more compressed than the Java programming language because of its type interface and decreases common codes. Error detection is easy since it keeps away the errors from common android libraries and null pointer exceptions.


Since the release of the Swift programming language in 2014, the popularity is only rising. It is one of the most preferred mobile programming languages on stack overflow in the year 2015.

Almost 500,000 applications on the app store in IOS use Swift language.

It is a beginner-friendly language that makes coding easy for one who wants to learn to code. Some famous applications in IOS, such as Airbnb, Uber, Square, etc., used Swift as the core coding language.

 Swift is fast and has an in-built tool to convert complicated code to simple and easy coding.


Python is one of the easy and high-level application developing languages in android Operating software. Python is an OOPs (Object Oriented Programming) language and offers a wide variety like dynamic typing and binding, which becomes a powerful feature for android application development.

Python is efficient, which allows the programmers to read the code and make the translation much effortless during an application development process. Due to its low maintenance and cost in programming, most of the giant commercial system prefers python language over others.


Another cross-platform android application programming language is C++. This language is compatible with both smartphones or windows applications having high application performance. C++ is a high-level all-purpose programming language which is the extended version of the C language.

C++ uses its libraries available for the development of applications for both mobile and desktop. The programmers can also develop interesting IOS applications with in-depth concepts and experience in the C++ programming language. NDK software kit is needed for the user to perform coding in the C++ Android studio.


Because Android is open-source operating software, it has a vast number of users in the market. Most of the companies and organization prefers android operating platform over others for accelerated growth.

With the help of the above mobile programming languages listed, the challenge to create any complex software is achievable. Choosing the correct programming language and its characteristics could be a vast role-play in making a complicated mobile application.

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