PHP Frameworks: Laravel vs. Symfony

Picking the right framework of PHP offers the correct blocks of building to create your application and developing it. The two best PHP frameworks are Laravel and Symfony. When you find the differences between these two frameworks, you will understand how they work and what are the functions of Laravel and Symfony. Then you can pick the right one based on these things and use it to develop your application.

Laravel Vs. Symfony

You can find the contrast between Laravel and Symfony by knowing their benefits and highlights. Let’s discover the differences between these two PHP frameworks.

Execution or Performance

Laravel PHP framework worked better than Symfony in the older versions. But with the changes and enhancements made in Symfony 4+, the edge of the Laravel framework of PHP lead to be the one which has nothing and it is empty compared with Symfony. The gains of performance shown by the Laravel is not present anymore as it boasted about. Till you utilize the frameworks which are greatest and latest has the higher and greater performance. Such that there is no change regarding performance in Laravel and Symfony PHP frameworks.


The most prominent framework among Laravel and symfony is Laravel, yet the symphony remains as higher one among the list of popular PHP frameworks. With the fame comes with a huge amount of training and supporting online data. Laravel is the framework of PHP which offers amazing data in the form of tutorials whereas the symphony doesn’t offer anything to a user. Although symfony provides excellent documentation with the assets that are not as extensive ones than the other PHP framework Laravel.

Engine of templating

The templating engine by itself is PHP. But offering extra engines of templating offers more enhanced templating with the lesser syntax. In PHP other templating engines are used for keeping the logic of business as well as logic of presentation within the engine of templating. On the other side, symfony offers twig as the default engine of templating. Laravel is the one which provides these things in large amounts than symfony. Blade is the templating engine provided by the Laravel and this one offers benefits over twig templating engine.

As it enables the reusability of code which is not present in the twig templating engine. On the other side Laravel PHP framework provides the Lumen sub-framework for construction of microservices and APIs.

Migrations of Database

Migrations of database are automatic in Symfony. They only require easier definition for the areas present in the model. But when you consider the other PHP framework Laravel, the migrations of database are manual yet they don’t need to define the areas present within the model.

Modeling of data

Accessing of the information needs more amount of SQL knowledge in Laravel. This is not the situation in Symfony, as it needs that you make a function of repository for every call made. If your created application utilizes the structure of database which is complicated it may result in huge number of functions of repository. On the other side, eloquent has the power to tie your app with the design of DB schema. Turning the name of column can modify throughout the base of code. Symfony and doctrine utilize a mapper pattern such that you can delineate about your schema of database, logic, and business objects.

Based on these things many of them choose to go with Symfony. But both of these PHP frameworks to provide data access offer object relational mapping. In regards to symfony, doctrine is the one which handles ORM whereas eloquent offers ORM for the Laravel. With the object relational mapping, the manipulation of data is simple in either of the frameworks of PHP.

Scaling and Modularity

The PHP framework, symfony comprises of reusable elements which offer more amount of modularity. It organizes the code in a neat way turning it into a fit which is greater for more and larger projects that are complex. This is the reason why most of the PHP developers who are professional prefer the framework Symfony over Laravel PHP framework. In addition, the strength of Laravel is mainly around the applications which are MVC based. The minute you begin to wander away from the Laravel framework. It won’t be able to help you anymore.

Utilizing the framework Laravel, getting it up and running it will leave the other framework symfony remain in the dust. But thanks to the utilized prebuilt dependencies that you require is provided by symfony. But for building an application which is large scale, Choosing and selecting your plugins and dependencies creates the app simpler to scale and improve. But the point here shows the flexibility and modularity of the PHP framework Symfony.

Thus, the above-mentioned things are compared to find the differences between two PHP frameworks Laravel and Symfony.… Keep Reading

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