PHP Frameworks: Laravel vs. Symfony

Picking the right framework of PHP offers the correct blocks of building to create your application and developing it. The two best PHP frameworks are Laravel and Symfony. When you find the differences between these two frameworks, you will understand how they work and what are the functions of Laravel and Symfony. Then you can pick the right one based on these things and use it to develop your application.

Laravel Vs. Symfony

You can find the contrast between Laravel and Symfony by knowing their benefits and highlights. Let’s discover the differences between these two PHP frameworks.

Execution or Performance

Laravel PHP framework worked better than Symfony in the older versions. But with the changes and enhancements made in Symfony 4+, the edge of the Laravel framework of PHP lead to be the one which has nothing and it is empty compared with Symfony. The gains of performance shown by the Laravel is not present anymore as it boasted about. Till you utilize the frameworks which are greatest and latest has the higher and greater performance. Such that there is no change regarding performance in Laravel and Symfony PHP frameworks.


The most prominent framework among Laravel and symfony is Laravel, yet the symphony remains as higher one among the list of popular PHP frameworks. With the fame comes with a huge amount of training and supporting online data. Laravel is the framework of PHP which offers amazing data in the form of tutorials whereas the symphony doesn’t offer anything to a user. Although symfony provides excellent documentation with the assets that are not as extensive ones than the other PHP framework Laravel.

Engine of templating

The templating engine by itself is PHP. But offering extra engines of templating offers more enhanced templating with the lesser syntax. In PHP other templating engines are used for keeping the logic of business as well as logic of presentation within the engine of templating. On the other side, symfony offers twig as the default engine of templating. Laravel is the one which provides these things in large amounts than symfony. Blade is the templating engine provided by the Laravel and this one offers benefits over twig templating engine.

As it enables the reusability of code which is not present in the twig templating engine. On the other side Laravel PHP framework provides the Lumen sub-framework for construction of microservices and APIs.

Migrations of Database

Migrations of database are automatic in Symfony. They only require easier definition for the areas present in the model. But when you consider the other PHP framework Laravel, the migrations of database are manual yet they don’t need to define the areas present within the model.

Modeling of data

Accessing of the information needs more amount of SQL knowledge in Laravel. This is not the situation in Symfony, as it needs that you make a function of repository for every call made. If your created application utilizes the structure of database which is complicated it may result in huge number of functions of repository. On the other side, eloquent has the power to tie your app with the design of DB schema. Turning the name of column can modify throughout the base of code. Symfony and doctrine utilize a mapper pattern such that you can delineate about your schema of database, logic, and business objects.

Based on these things many of them choose to go with Symfony. But both of these PHP frameworks to provide data access offer object relational mapping. In regards to symfony, doctrine is the one which handles ORM whereas eloquent offers ORM for the Laravel. With the object relational mapping, the manipulation of data is simple in either of the frameworks of PHP.

Scaling and Modularity

The PHP framework, symfony comprises of reusable elements which offer more amount of modularity. It organizes the code in a neat way turning it into a fit which is greater for more and larger projects that are complex. This is the reason why most of the PHP developers who are professional prefer the framework Symfony over Laravel PHP framework. In addition, the strength of Laravel is mainly around the applications which are MVC based. The minute you begin to wander away from the Laravel framework. It won’t be able to help you anymore.

Utilizing the framework Laravel, getting it up and running it will leave the other framework symfony remain in the dust. But thanks to the utilized prebuilt dependencies that you require is provided by symfony. But for building an application which is large scale, Choosing and selecting your plugins and dependencies creates the app simpler to scale and improve. But the point here shows the flexibility and modularity of the PHP framework Symfony.

Thus, the above-mentioned things are compared to find the differences between two PHP frameworks Laravel and Symfony.… Keep Reading

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Which Programming Languages are Important for Which Specific Jobs?

The technology in today’s world is growing and changing constantly. In the past few years, many new programming languages have been introduced. The programming languages which were limited and were known by only a few people. Now, more and more people are getting themselves to indulge in learning different types of programming languages. These programming languages are not just helping us by developing new techniques, websites, and applications. These programming languages are also helping one in getting the desired and high paying jobs.

If you are someone who is very tech-savvy and who is interested in learning different types of programming languages, then you can get many benefits out of it. Instead of learning these programming languages for just hobby purpose. One can try to get a job by learning different types of programming languages. There are many jobs available which are related to these programming languages. But before you apply for any specific programming language job, you should also know which of the programming languages are important for which specific jobs.


It is one of the oldest programming languages which was designed by a Dutch Programmer Guido van Rossum. When it comes to learning Python, it is very easy. But when it is about using this language, it is used for high-level programming. This programming language also has vast libraries, that can be used by the programmers and the developers. Using the Python language also saves time as one can write it easily with a smaller number of syntax and sentences. It is said to be a primary backend programming language which is being used by start-ups also. The requirement of the Python language programmers is increasing every year. It is becoming one of the highest paying programming jobs among other programming language jobs. Python is used by many big organizations also like NASA, PBS, and Reddit. The job opportunities that one can grab after learning Python language are Python Developer, Research Analyst, Data Analyst, and Python Trainer.


It’s been 21 years now, and still this programming language is in use. In most of the tech companies, there is always a requirement for the Java Developers. As this is one of the simple programming languages with good readability, it has become very popular among the developers. The websites and applications like Amazon, Netflix, and LinkedIn, are also using Java programming language. The problems that occur while Java Programming can be resolved easily. As the programmers have found the solution to most of the Java Programming problems and errors. Around 9 million developers are using the Java Programming language in the world. In more than 7 billion devices, Java programming is being used. This shows how popular the language is. Some other job opportunities for Java Language programmers other than the Java Developer are Java Trainer, Android Developer, Back End Programmer, and Web Developer. Dating apps commonly use Java for the development of their mobile hookup apps. Meetnfuck, a popular sex app and website heavily utilizes Java so that it can easily address tech debt bugs that every startup tech company faces.


This Hypertext Pre-processor language is created by a Danish Canadian programmer known as Rasmus Lerdorf. It is a scripting language, which helps in creating web pages by supporting the HTML language. Generally, new programmers find it quite easy to learn and use. This programming language has many features which help both new and advanced programmers. Rasmus never developed this programming language with an intention of developing a new programming language. He created it so that he can make use of it in maintaining his Personal Home Page. If you are looking forward to working as a PHP Programmer, then there are some high paying job opportunities for you. Like PHP Developer, PHP Full Stack Developer, and PHP Web Developer. You can even get a job opportunity for PHP Trainer, which is not just a high-income opportunity. But it is also one of those opportunities which will make you create more PHP Programmers.


It is an object-oriented programming language which was created by a Danish computer scientist, Bjarne Stroustrup. This language was released in the year 1983 for the first time. This language is based on another computer programming language ‘C’. There are many applications which were written in C++ language. Still, it is being used for many applications and game development. It is also being used for video and audio processing. Even many of the applications of Microsoft and Adobe are also written in C++ language. In the past few years, this language has gained popularity and it offers many job opportunities for both new and experienced C++ language programmers. Some of the job opportunities for C++ programmers are iOS Developer, C++ Developer, Game Developer, C++ Software Engineer, and C++ Trainer. Many institutes are also hiring the C++ language tutors. Or you can start your own training center as well for teaching C++ programming language.


It is known as a Structured Query Language. For communicating with a database, this programming language is used. Whether it is retrieving data from the database or updating records or creating a new database, or deleting the records from the database, SQL Language is used everywhere. That is why when one needs access to the database or one needs to manipulate the database, SQL is considered to be the best programming language for doing that. There are many database technologies which are helping both small and big organizations including the banks, hospitals, and universities. Some of them are MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and PostgreSQL. Even the smartphones including both Android phones and the iPhones can access the SQLite which is a SQL Database. It helps in developing and supporting different applications also like DropBox and Skype. There are numerous job opportunities that are there for those who have learned SQL Programming language. Some of them are SQL Data Scientists, SQL Database Developers, SQL Database Testers, SQL DBA, SQL Data Analyst, Cloud Database Expert, Big Data Expert, BI Solution Architect, BI Reporting Engineer, and many others.

If you have learned the above-mentioned programming languages or any one of them, then you will not have a shortage of job opportunities. The use of these programming languages will never end. If you are interested in learning any of them, go ahead.
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what is html

What is HTML?

We all are aware of the thing that there are several languages available that we use regularly when we are dealing with some kind of documents or any of the file. Some certain languages are known to be in use frequently. But HTML is one of those languages which are used to display all the documents in the web browser.

HTML stands for a hypertext markup language. The basic use of this language is to view the document that you have created on the web browser. In simple words, you can also explain it as a markup language which is certainly used to create web pages.

You will get surprised to know that this language enables you to add images, content, video, documents link and other things that will be proven out to be necessary for your web page. All this will not only make your webpage helpful, but will also help it to generate traffic.

HTML was developed by the worldwide web. Therefore there is no need for you to doubt the performance of HTML and also the activities associated with it.

HTML is used to define your webpage accurately based on layout, structure, content, required attributes and so on.

Here are some of the advantages of using HTML are mention. These are:

  • HTML language is supported by every browser you are using.
  • HTML will simplify your creation when it comes to making a webpage.
  • HTML is considered to be one of the easiest languages to learn.
  • Anyone who is having the basic knowledge of HTML can use it frequently.
  • There is no need for you to invest any extra amount for using HTML. By default, it is available in every window.
  • You can put any format on your webpage as it supports numerous ranges of layouts, objects, and colors.

These are the few advantages of HTML. Moreover, we all are aware of the things that everything comes with some disadvantages as well. There are few disadvantages are mentioned with regards to HTML. These are:

  • You cannot create dynamic pages by using HTML. The web pages that you can create by using this are plain and simple.
  • This is considered to be one of the most time-consuming languages because there is a lot of coding you has to do when you want to get a simple webpage available for you.
  • When it comes to the security features of HTML they are not good.
  • If the webpage you are creating required long coding then it might become difficult for you and it will for the create complexity.

This is all about HTML which is necessary for you to know. Moreover, apart from all the advantages and disadvantages, it is one of the most important languages that every person should know who is dealing with language-related concepts. This is one of the most basic languages available to learn. Therefore, if you are among the same who don’t know well about it, must learn this.… Keep Reading

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What is Java?

Java is a computing platform and a computer programming language that allows programmers to write instructions using the English language as opposed to the numeric codes. It is considered to be a high level computer language since it can easily be read written by humans. In layman’s language, Java is simply a set of rules that determines the way instructions are written. The high-level language is then translated into numeric codes a language that computers understand.


Java programming language was developed by James Gosling back in 1995 at Sun Microsystems that is currently owned by Oracle. Java language is derived from the syntax C and C++ programming languages however most of it is English based with fewer low level facilities. Java was originally developed for the use in digital mobile devices however the release of Java 1.0 marked a shifted focus to internet use where the program was being used by developers to create animated web pages hence increasing user interactivity. There have been a lot of updates since the release of Java 1.0. Over the years, Java has continued to develop to be one of the most successful programing language for use on and off the internet.

Why Java?

The principles behind the development of Java programming language is very simple.

Ease of use

It is very easy to java programming language. Though it borrows most of its aspects from the powerful C++ which is very complex in syntax. Java was built on the principles but made to be simple yet powerful.


Java introduced object oriented programming into its principles in order to reduce the case of fatal errors from programming mistakes. Java became robust when data and manipulation was packaged in one place.


The basic concept of Java programming language was to enable mobile devices exchange data through networks. This implies that it has the highest level of security making it the most secure programming language.

Platform independence

The best programming language needs to function regardless of the machine in which it is being executed. Java was developed in such a way that it can run across several is a portable language that can run on any piece of hardware, operating systems or device.


Java is used for a wide array of applications. Java has seen its applications in different domains including banking where it deals with transaction management. In the retail department, billing applications are usually written in Java. It is also being used in scientific and research community to deal with large volumes of data. Java is also used in the development of Java programming language that is being used in many mobile applications. Many of the sex finder apps utilize the java programming language. These examples truly illustrate the versatility of the language.

Components of Java

Java Virtual machine provides the run-time environment where Java bytecode is executed. Java virtual machine uses three notations namely specification, implementation and runtime instance. Specification basically describes the how java virtual machine is implemented. Implementation on the other hand refers to the programs that meet the Java Virtual machine requirements. While a Runtime Instance is created whenever java command is written on the command prompt.

Java Runtime Environment on the other hand refers to a bytecode that is executed. It is simply a software package that contains all the essential elements that are required to run a java program. It basically implements the java virtual machine and provides the support files and class libraries that are used to run the program.

Where to start

In order to start programming in Java one needs to download and install the application. After you have installed java into your computer then you will need a tutorial that will enable you write your first script of java programming language. Java is available free to download and it functions in most operating systems with limited hardware requirements. Once you are familiar with the basic function of Java then you may need to upgrade to a newer version so as to get a glimpse of enhanced and improved performance.

In summary, Java is a programming language that provides a secure platform for other applications and websites to run. There are a lot of websites and applications being developed that will not function without the Java programming being installed. The advantage with Java is that it is fast, secure and reliable.… Keep Reading

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