What is Java?

Java is a computing platform and a computer programming language that allows programmers to write instructions using the English language as opposed to the numeric codes. It is considered to be a high level computer language since it can easily be read written by humans. In layman’s language, Java is simply a set of rules that determines the way instructions are written. The high-level language is then translated into numeric codes a language that computers understand.


Java programming language was developed by James Gosling back in 1995 at Sun Microsystems that is currently owned by Oracle. Java language is derived from the syntax C and C++ programming languages however most of it is English based with fewer low level facilities. Java was originally developed for the use in digital mobile devices however the release of Java 1.0 marked a shifted focus to internet use where the program was being used by developers to create animated web pages hence increasing user interactivity. There have been a lot of updates since the release of Java 1.0. Over the years, Java has continued to develop to be one of the most successful programing language for use on and off the internet.

Why Java?

The principles behind the development of Java programming language is very simple.

Ease of use

It is very easy to java programming language. Though it borrows most of its aspects from the powerful C++ which is very complex in syntax. Java was built on the principles but made to be simple yet powerful.


Java introduced object oriented programming into its principles in order to reduce the case of fatal errors from programming mistakes. Java became robust when data and manipulation was packaged in one place.


The basic concept of Java programming language was to enable mobile devices exchange data through networks. This implies that it has the highest level of security making it the most secure programming language.

Platform independence

The best programming language needs to function regardless of the machine in which it is being executed. Java was developed in such a way that it can run across several platforms.it is a portable language that can run on any piece of hardware, operating systems or device.


Java is used for a wide array of applications. Java has seen its applications in different domains including banking where it deals with transaction management. In the retail department, billing applications are usually written in Java. It is also being used in scientific and research community to deal with large volumes of data. Java is also used in the development of Java programming language that is being used in many mobile applications. Many of the sex finder apps utilize the java programming language. These examples truly illustrate the versatility of the language.

Components of Java

Java Virtual machine provides the run-time environment where Java bytecode is executed. Java virtual machine uses three notations namely specification, implementation and runtime instance. Specification basically describes the how java virtual machine is implemented. Implementation on the other hand refers to the programs that meet the Java Virtual machine requirements. While a Runtime Instance is created whenever java command is written on the command prompt.

Java Runtime Environment on the other hand refers to a bytecode that is executed. It is simply a software package that contains all the essential elements that are required to run a java program. It basically implements the java virtual machine and provides the support files and class libraries that are used to run the program.

Where to start

In order to start programming in Java one needs to download and install the application. After you have installed java into your computer then you will need a tutorial that will enable you write your first script of java programming language. Java is available free to download and it functions in most operating systems with limited hardware requirements. Once you are familiar with the basic function of Java then you may need to upgrade to a newer version so as to get a glimpse of enhanced and improved performance.

In summary, Java is a programming language that provides a secure platform for other applications and websites to run. There are a lot of websites and applications being developed that will not function without the Java programming being installed. The advantage with Java is that it is fast, secure and reliable.… Keep Reading

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